SXRecorder FAQ

Will this work with xm or sirius streaming services?

How is file naming handled?

Is there a manual?

Is the application free?

Do you provide refunds?

Features that will be coming soon?

How long & by which method I will recieve the software/serial?

How do I modify the web templates?

What remote controls do you support?

What plugins are available once I donate?

What Sirius radios do you support?

Do you support Stilletto radios?

Can I write my own plugin?

I see high cpu utilization, what can I do?

When I try to install the plugins, it says SXrecorder is not installed?

Do you support timetrax hardware?

Do you support XM Direct and extended song info?

Is there any way to just increase the font of the text under the preset buttons?

If I upgrade version, will I loose my settings?

If I donated in the past can I get a free upgrade?

How much have you made on selling this app?

What is lame.exe?

Where can I get cables ? (Check out these sites)

Where are the config files stored

Does this work with the Pioneer Inno Portable XM2go Radio?


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Purchase SXRecorder Plugin Bundle
  • Scheduling
  • MP3 Streaming
  • Web Browser Control
  • USB UIRT Remote Control
  • Database Logging
  • MSN Publishing
  • AutoMatch Play/Recording

Paypal Account for plugin purchases is

Check out the following sites

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